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HTM producing programs

This page contains some information on the
htm-producing programs of T&O Software.

Based on one simple TXT file this program can
produce a series of .htm pages automatically,
which contain automatically the same menu- and
layout-structure (like the pages you are looking
at now).
The pages produced can contain not only text,
but also different kinds of images, links, etc.

Based on simple TXT files this program can
produce not only the HTM versions of these TXT
files but also an index-page containing the
main keywords in the TXT files. Not only one
reference to one keyword is handled, but you
can go step by step through the HTM files
using the keyword as "link-through".
This is a very usefull feature for e.g. a
package of manual-files, in which someone has
to find information quickly. Another way for
using these features is: make an index to a big text
that has to be studied thoroughly, or a complica-
ted or large text you are working on.
As an example of the last way to use it, you can
have a look at a story I'm working on at this moment:
the comparison of two paintings I saw in the Louvre,
one of Rembrandt and the other of Salomon Koninck:
using the index-page, I can lookup quickly
what I wrote about a specific subject,
when I want to refer to the same subject later.
The story is in the Dutch language, but you will
get an idea of how the indexing is working from it

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