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T&O Multi Media Programs

Here we give an overview of some multi-media programs
that have been developed by T&O Software.
These consumer programs can be sold on CDROM and/or
used through internet.
Most programs are first developed for the Dutch language area,
and T&O has the international rights to reproduce these programs
for other language area's.

When you are an interested publisher of CDROM or INTERNET
productions and you want to get more information about
the way to gain a licence for one or more programs,
please send us an email and we'll provide you more information.
We can send you our Multi Media CDROM with a number of working
Games and information about the Game Books (which can be sold
combined with the Game CDROM's).

From some programs there have been made different versions
during the past years. The differences between versions
is e.g. determined by the age of the players: simple jigsaw
puzzles for the young children and more difficult jigsaw
puzzles for older children.


Nice pictures are automatically devided into jigsaw-
pieces. The player has to place the pieces into place.
Every time the puzzle is played, the pieces will be different!
Three numbers of pieces can be choosen and the options for
these three numbers are age-related.

Number Drawing

In the Number Drawing Program the children have to click
on the numbers in the normal order to have the connecting
lines drawn automatically. When all the lines are drawn,
a nice picture will be completed.
In the program a series of Number Drawing pictures can
be solved by the children.

Find the Differences

In the program Find the Differences the children have to
click on the differences in the right picture. After finding
all the differences a simple tune will be the 'reward'.
In the program a series of Find the Difference pictures can
be solved by the children.


Labyrinth is a program with labyrinths, where children have
to find their way, bringing for instance the swimster to the

The program contains a series of different labyrinths combined
with nice pictures: also prints can be made of the labyrinth with
the pictures.


ColorP is a program with nice pictures for young children
who can use a paintbox to paint the pictures.
The pictures also can be printed (in black and white) to
make it possible to paint the pictures on paper.

Dogs Encycopedia

This program gives basic information about hundreds of dogs,
together with very nice pictures that have been made
especially for this program.
Looking up a specific dog is very easy, using this box:

Horses Encycopedia

This program gives basic information about hundreds of horses,
together with very nice pictures that have been made
especially for this program.
Looking up a specific horse is very easy, using a similar
box as show above for the Dogs Encyclopedia.

Internet Puzzle Program

Internet Puzzle Program has been developed as a program that
can be downloaded through internet together with a package
of puzzles. The consumbers can get a subscription for different
packages of puzzles and refresh the puzzles every month.
At this moment the user of the IPP can choose from
six different types of puzzles:

example of the regular crossword-puzzle:

exmaple of the scandinavian type of puzzle:

Digital Puzzle Encycopedia

This program has different options to search for
crossword-words and crossword-clues.
It's possible to search for words, based on some
known characters.
Also anagrammatic and different types of alphabetical
search are options of the program.


Premium is a program, especially developed for advertizing
agencies: it contains a number of examples of projects that
can be implemented for the promotion of products integrated
in multi-media games.


The program RhymeHit makes it possible to produce automatically
nice personalized poems. Based on keywords (referring to
personal characteristics, interests, activities) the program
construct a personalized poem.

The poem can be edited and printed together with a nice frame
and a picture: the program contains over 50 frames and
over 200 high quality pictures.


This wordgame offers one letter by the time the player
has to place into the playing-field. When the letters form
words (which is possible in four different directions)
the words are placed into a list (gaining points) and the
letters of the words are removed from the playing-field,
making leftover, isolated letters move upwards.
This dynamic wordgame can be played by children (using
shorter words) and adults (using only the longer words).

Context Sensitive Help
Most programs have fully integrated Context Sensitive Help,
also using e.g. toolbar-icons to jump to relevant information.

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