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T&O Software (dept Test & Opinion)

T&O Software developed a lot of different programs.

Since 1985 the main projects have been the development of
production-programs for publishers to produce different
types of magazines, and programs for branche-specific
organisational and financial administration.

Other projects involve consumer and children multi-media programs
that can be sold on CDROM/DVD or can be downloaded and/or
used through internet.

Another area of development is websoftware
(based on e.g. HTML, PHP and MySQL),
where the contents of the internet-pages partly is determined by
the contents of a MySQL database and the 'hidden' PHP language in
which is determined how database-content will be presented, added,
changed and used.

T&O also makes a series of Dutch programs for selfhelp,
developed together with psychologists.

And a recent project invovles a cooperation with philosophers
in order to investigate philosophical profiles.

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